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The Criminal Justice Research & Statistics Center (CJRSC) is Washington state’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC), We conduct and publish objective, policy-relevant research and analysis on justice issues, provide technical assistance, and maintain a clearinghouse of state justice-related data.

About Statistical Analysis Centers

SACs are found across the nation in 51 states and territories. As the Washington SAC, the CJRSC is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting public safety and criminal justice related statistics to federal, state, and local levels of government. We also facilitate the sharing of state-level information nationally. The information produced by SACs and their involvement in criminal justice projects is critical to local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies and community organizations as they develop programs and policies related to crime, illegal drugs, victim services, and the administration of justice.

SACs play a vital role in developing criminal and juvenile justice policy at the state and local levels. Their research provides evidence that policymakers use to guide their decision-making. By furthering the use of evidence-based practices in their states, SACs promote the effective and efficient administration of criminal and juvenile justice.

Our organization

The CJRSC is part of the Public Safety Policy and Research Center (PSRPC) within the Office of Financial Management.

The PSPRC is also home to the Sentencing Guidelines Commission, Sex Offender Policy Board, and Traffic Records Integration Program.


Our mission is to provide assistance in the successful coordination, implementation, and monitoring of public policy.


The SAC encourages and supports innovative and rigorous research methods that can provide answers to basic research questions as well as practical, applied solution.

The SAC intends to translate data into meaningful information that drives the state’s commitment to achieve equitable and just outcomes for Washingtonians. Using quantitative tools to influence qualitative decision making, the SAC can tell the story of the people served across the state and the people who serve them within state government. This includes developing metrics, monitoring trends, disseminating reports, and delivering presentations to educate state agencies, stakeholders, and impacted communities.


  • To be timely and accurate
  • To provide easy, one-stop access to criminal and juvenile justice data and information
  • To remain trustworthy and unbiased
  • To assist those making evidence-based policy decisions to better our community

Creation and operation

Governor Booth Gardner authorized the Washington State Statistical Analysis Center in 1989 with Executive Order 89-03. We are a center within the Washington State Office of Financial Management, and are part of a network of similar centers supported by:

  • Justice Information Research Network (JIRN), a national non-profit and resource center for researchers, analysts, journalists, and practitioners of justice research.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics, who provide grant opportunities for statistical analysis centers through the State Justice Statistics Program. Washington has received numerous grants under the program.

SAC Director

Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry, PhD

Phone: 360-890-5729
Email: vasiliki.georgoulas-sherry@ofm.wa.gov