The Washington Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) conducts and publishes objective, policy-relevant research and analysis on justice issues, provides technical assistance, and maintains a clearinghouse of state justice-related data.

SAC Mission

Our mission is to provide assistance in the successful coordination, implementation, and monitoring of public policy.

SAC Values

  • To be timely and accurate
  • To provide easy, one-stop access to criminal and juvenile justice data and information
  • To remain trustworthy and unbiased
  • To assist those making evidence-based policy decisions to better our community

SAC Goals

  • Enhance tools to process and analyze information in a timely, valid, and reliable form
  • Coordinate systems and procedures to collect and disseminate accurate and complete data
  • Participate in forecasts of adult inmates, adults under community supervision, and juvenile offenders
  • Continually improve clearinghouse functions, and respond in a timely manner to criminal justice queries from citizens, and local, state, and federal governments
  • Continually maintain and improve the SAC website and online applications

Creation and Operation

Former Governor Booth Gardner authorized the Washington State Statistical Analysis Center in 1989 with Executive Order 89-03. We are a center within the Washington State Office of Financial Management, and are part of a network of similar centers supported by:

Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA)
JRSA is a national nonprofit organization of statistical analysis center directors, researchers, and others from government, academia, and criminal justice organizations. JRSA conducts and publishes policy-relevant research on justice issues, provides training and technical assistance, and maintains a clearinghouse of state criminal justice activities.

Bureau of Justice Statistics 
Each year, the Bureau of Justice Statistics provides grant opportunities for statistical analysis centers through the State Justice Statistics Program. Washington has received numerous grants under the program.

SAC Director

Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry, PhD


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