The Criminal Justice Research & Statistics Center (CJRSC) is Washington state’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC). We are part of the Public Safety Policy and Research Center (PSRPC) within the Office of Financial Management. 

We conduct and publish objective, policy-relevant research and analysis on justice issues, maintain state justice-related data and provide technical assistance to government agencies, legislators and researchers.

Our mission is to provide assistance in the successful coordination, implementation, and monitoring of public policy. 

We are strongly committed to the core values of impartiality, trustworthiness, and rigor. 


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The PSPRC is home to in-house analytical research and databases ranging from public safety including its tenets of criminal justice, traffic safety, public health, corrections, and law, justice, and order.


Providing access to crime and justice data

We are a clearinghouse for state data on crime and justice topics, brought together from many different agencies and reporting systems.


Providing access to research and analysis

We are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting public safety and criminal justice related statistics to federal, state and local government.